Vision, Mission & Objectives



Through the strength of a unified voice, we, contract attorneys, motivated by our many individual passions and pursuits, seek to enjoy professionally fulfilling, financially rewarding work that fosters collegial respect and an improved quality of life, while maintaining the standards of the legal profession.




  • To improve the working conditions, compensation and benefits of contract attorneys nationwide through collective organizing


  • To be a safe space for contract attorneys to air their grievances and address their concerns with united bargaining power in greater numbers and solidarity


  • To seek the protection of federal and state labor laws without fear of retaliation.







1.  Persuade agencies to honor collective bargaining rights and pay overtime pay without precipitating additional deterioration in base pay rates. Conduct organizing and lobbying for legislation similar to that in California guaranteeing overtime pay to all hourly workers regardless of professional status. Organize ABA and other bar association support for all of the above


2.  Establish an industry-wide benefits package including health, 401K, vacation, holiday pay, and sick pay accruals that would follow temp attorneys from job to job and agency to agency.


3.  Develop a Contract Attorneys Bill of Rights and Demands.