The Posse List Covers UCA's Call to Action on DOL WHD's Proposed Overtime Rule

August 29, 2015 & September 2, 2015

The Posse List assited United Contract Attorneys by forwarding our Call to Action which requested that contract attorneys comment on the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division's proposed rule regarding overtime pay.


Read The Posse List's posting here.


The Posse List also published a number of responses to our call to action, including that of several document review attorneys who did not agree that contract attorneys should be advocating for overtime pay. While we don't all agree, this is the kind of discussion which needs to take place among temporary document review attorneys. Simply beginning the conversation brings us that much closer to having all contract attorneys working collectively to improve our situation within the legal industry.


Read The Posse List's post of contract attorney comments here.

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