Securing a Document Review Center: A Practical Guide via Corporate Counsel

May 13, 2015

by Michel Sahyoun


This article by Michel Sahyoun illustrates the mindset of those who feel that contract attorneys cannot be trusted to maintain a secure and professional workspace. People like Sahyoun are the reason that conditions for contract attorneys have been deteriorating. Part of the reasoning being that "temporary employees may not feel the same obligation to protect their employers' data, nor will they likely face the same negative consequences of doing so (harm to reputation and career growth) as permanent, longer-tenured employees."

So, not only does this article perpetuate offensive and unprofessional presumptions, it excuses firms who create the very conditions of temporary employment then blames the temporary attorneys for not having any incentives to protect their employers' data.

A warning also that Sahyoun misgenders Chelsea Manning and uses her dead name, so there is a touch of transphobia in the article as well. 


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