Burdened With Debt, Law School Graduates Struggle in Job Market via The New York Times

April 26, 2015

by Elizabeth Olson


This article by Elizabeth Olson discusses the difficulty faced by many recent law school graduates who have large debts but few job prospects. Interesting that the attorney featured in the article still makes over $100 an hour, which is 4 to 5 times what many contract attorneys make, and this attorney is still considered to be "struggling." 

Also noteworthy in this article is the brief mention of document review by one contract attorney as "rote legal temp work on the side to pay rent" and something that makes an attorney "nonprestigious and unemployable."  Contract attorneys need to start challenging the narrative that our profession is not a "real job" or that what we do is somehow less worthy of respect. Our work is critical to the discovery process and the legal profession.


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