About United Contract Attorneys


United Contract Attorneys organizes to fulfill the Vision, Mission and Objectives we collectively drafted in 2014.  This effort began in November of 2012 with Know Your Rights trainings and meetings at the UAW, initiated in full by contract attorneys with some requested assistance from the National Lawyers Guild.  More recently, we have sought and obtained the active advisory support of the Labor and Employment Committee of the National Lawyers Guild.  We have switched to monthly meetings at the CWA to which all contract attorneys are welcome.  We are currently exploring creative ways to collaborate synergistically in order to create a sustainable structure and foundation for our long term development, one which will survive our individual contributions given the ‘temporary’ nature of the industry.   


This is where you come in.  Organizing requires the active participation of contract attorneys.   Whether it is as simple as telling your friend about upcoming meetings, attending a meeting, offering your ideas, or stepping up as an organizer to help determine the future of our organization, our success depends on each of our collective and individual efforts.   Our overall strength depends on the critical mass we must develop through mutual trust and faith in our ability to collectively improve our working conditions and recapture our professional dignity.  We are determined to make this work to ensure a better future for all of us.  Please join us!